Unlocking opportunity within every category

Accelerate combines market data insights and the power of AI, analysing search trends and product stock levels to create hundreds of category pages optimised for conversion at the click of a button. It’s more than just a time-saving tool; it’s a game-changer for ecommerce teams everywhere.

Category expansion at the click of a button

The market moves faster than teams can build pages—which is why, with Accelerate, we take manual page creation out of the equation.

Be fast, be first, beat the competition

Harness the power of AI to create demand-targeted category and product pages at lightning speed, blending seamlessly into your category architecture with no devs, no tickets, and no delays. The potential is limitless.

Accelerate your SEO

Metis’ weekly SEO insights are at the core of Accelerate. Each and every page is created on a foundation of valuable, relevant search demand. Get your products in front of the people who truly want them, faster than ever

Clients that use Accelerate

Client Testimonials

  • “Metis is now embedded into all areas of our business and is the central platform that allows us to make decisions faster than our competition. The insight from the platform is impacting decision making by the marketing teams make but also is transcending into the daily decisions that are made by the trading and merchandising teams.”
  • “Since working with MediaVision the market insights that the Metis platform has given us as a total business has been transformational. From informing our naming conventions both at a product and category level through to illustrating the key moments in the year when we can take action on rising demand has given us a true competitive advantage.”
  • “As customer trends change in the dynamic personlised jewellery market Metis informs us which products we need to be ranking for and our content and digital pr activity is driven on the back of those insights. It has allowed us to rank for the most valuable terms in this competitive sector faster than the competition and has been instrumental in delivering us such rapid growth.”

    Growth is just the beginning

    (Unlocking) a world of endless <possibility>