The Metis app puts the (power) of market data in the <palm> of your hand

What it does

  • Get tailored market data and insights 4x faster than competitors

  • Understand your share of branded search demand versus competitors

  • Get advice on where to improve your website to create growth

  • Tailor insights to your business and its teams

    What clients say about Metis

    • “Metis has had such a positive impact on  how we approach SEO at Accessorize. The  platform helps us identify valuable ranking  opportunities every week and gives us real-time insight into what consumers are  really searching for, which is absolute gold  in a competitive market like ours”

      Rita O’Neill, Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Accessorize
    • Metis empowers us to keep our heads  in the data and our eyes on the road ahead.  We know that the world is changing  faster than ever but Metis is helping us to achieve our ambitious growth targets within an extremely competitive marketplace. 

      James Bertram – Ecomm Director, Abbott Lyon
    • “Metis gives us a view of what is happening in the market on a weekly basis and is invaluable for understanding fast moving eCommerce and Fashion search trends. The platform helps us to transform those insights into quantifiable  value not only within the organic channel, but several areas across the wider business.” 

      Matthew Henton – Head of Ecommerce, Moss Bros Group Ltd
    • Insights from the Metis platform help our  marketing team make crucial, quick  decisions around what product and landing  pages to surface depending on demand.  Even when the market is down, Metis helps  us find emerging trends ahead of  competitors, which has been transformative.

      Anna Sampson- Digital Director, Playful Promises

    • The main win from Metis is the usefulness of the insight that has found its way into strategy and planning throughout the business. We are impressed with the Metis ways of working and how this is generating a good mix of offsite SEO links that help drive authority and brand.

      Ria Campbell – Head of Marketing, Monsoon
    • “Metis is now embedded into all areas of our business and is the central platform that allows us to make decisions faster than our competition. The insight from the platform is impacting decision making by the marketing teams and is also transcending into the daily decisions that are made by the trading and merchandising teams.”
    • “As customer trends change in the dynamic personlised jewellery market Metis informs us which products we need to be ranking for and our content and digital pr activity is driven on the back of those insights. It has allowed us to rank for the most valuable terms in this competitive sector faster than the competition and has been instrumental in delivering us such rapid growth.”

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