Find out what your audience wants, and when they want it
Our digital demand trackers give you unrivalled consumer insight four times faster than competitor platforms, empowering your teams to harness the freshest demand data to forge lasting customer relationships and gain a competitive edge.

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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, a demand-informed strategy is non-negotiable. We elevate this concept by delivering market insights four times faster than our competitors, allowing for rapid, data-driven decisions. Our unique approach offers a comprehensive view of demand at both the macro and micro levels, ensuring that your digital strategy is not just robust but also remarkably precise. This holistic understanding enables us to unlock transformative growth opportunities tailored specifically to your business needs.
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    Unlock the mysteries of consumer behaviour and stay ahead of the curve.
    Our digital demand trackers are not just tools; they’re your strategic allies in decoding the complex web of consumer intent. Imagine knowing how your target audience is searching, not just what they’re searching for. Picture having the insights to make informed decisions on what products to buy, ensuring you’re always stocked with items that resonate with your customer base. And what if you could pinpoint the optimal moment to sell your products, capitalising on peak demand periods? With our platform, you gain access to these invaluable insights four times faster than competitor platforms. This empowers your teams to not only meet but anticipate consumer needs, forging lasting relationships and securing a competitive edge in the market.

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    Start your week with the latest demand data
    The demand tracker updates every Monday morning before 9am, giving you data your competitors won’t have regarding the latest trends in consumer demand.
    Insights to inform every stage of the buy cycle
    We believe that demand data can act as a single source of truth to unify decision across each stage of the buy cycle, bringing together roles and perspectives that are often fractured into a single focus. From buying, merchandising, marketing, and trading, having a robust understanding of consumer demand is central to creating successful strategies that speak to the expressed needs of your customers.
    Understand demand at the macro and micro level
    By categorising over 35,000 keywords at the category and subcategory across major retail sectors, the demand tracker empowers your teams to understand market demand at the bigger-picture level while also allowing you to see emergent trends and breakout keywords on a more granular level of detail.
    Five years’ worth of demand at your fingertips
    With data reaching as far back as 2018, the Demand Tracker gives you a rich bank of historical insight for understanding how your audience searches. Armed with this data, you know your team’s decision making is made with your audience in mind.
    Track consumer demand across multiple geolocations
    Our technology supports insights across all countries, and we’re able to give city-by-city data on search trends in the USA.


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